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3rd Coast Digital Films, Inc.
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  3rd Coast Digital Films, Inc. exists to provide our clientele with state-of-the-art solutions to their communication needs.

 {short description of image} We are in business to profit by and have our customers profit by our work.

{short description of image}We best serve our customers through dedicated, professional approaches to production.

{short description of image} Backed by years of experience, 3rd Coast Digital Films, Inc. strives to provide talent to our customers, coupled with an ever- developing creative energy aimed at finding fresh and innovative approaches to the tasks at hand.

{short description of image} We do our best to show our customers at their best.

{short description of image}We believe that quality service, perfection of product, and responsiveness to situations gives us the competetive edge and tools needed to communicate your messages effectively.

3rd Coast Web Video

{short description of image} With an emphasis on worldwide business communication,
3rd Coast Digital Films, Inc. is taking technology transfer into the future.
3rd Coast Digital Films, Inc.
Imagination - At Your Service!
Mission Statement
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P.O. Box 80517
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Tel. (225) 413-6051
EMail Coastfilm@aol.com

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