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This page contains information relating to the various divisions encountered when working on Louisiana construction projects.

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02200 Sitework: Southern Louisiana soil conditions are unique to other areas of the country and even to other parts of Louisiana. This lower portion of the Mississippi Delta consists of Alluvial soil technical description. These soils are unsuitable to maintaining any bearing capability from a design stand point.

Sites are filled with "pumped river sand" to the desired elevation to achieve building slab elevations to meet federal mandated floor elevations. Pump sand – Unit cost delivered $4.50 to $6.00 per cubic yard.

Pile Foundations: The sub soil conditions described in sitework section demands that 95% of all building construction require pile supported structures. The following is a table of pile types and unit cost.

Pile Type Description Max Capacity Allowable Unit Cost
Class 9 Treated pile varying in Length 25’-0" to 40’-0". Normally utilized in Residential construction Mainly driveways and sidewalks.   $90.00 ea.
Class 5 Mostly common used Low rise commercial Building. Length 30’-0" to 45’-0" 8 tons $150.00 ea.
Class B Another more commonly Used for commercial Buildings. When the Vertical elements become Greater(multi-levels above 2 story) or when subsoil conditions are extremely poor. 
Length 40’-0" to 55’-0".
25 tons $300.00 ea.
Composite Pile Consist of a lower untreated Approx. 45’- 50’ and an upper Steel can filled with concrete of approx. 8’-0" to 25’-0". 30 tons $425.00 ea.
Precast Concrete Utilized on high rise construction When attempting to reach sand strata Between 80’ to 100’ below surface.   $1,800.00 ea.
All of these piles, with the exception of concrete, develop their resistance capacity from friction. Therefore, all building regulatory agencies require a "pile load test" to substantiate the assumed design capacity. These agencies will waiver this load test if another test data report produced within a 300 yard perimeter can be obtained.

Load Test Class 5 / Class 5 / Composite $ 8,000
Load Test Precast Pile $20,000


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 03000 Concrete

  2500 PSI Unit Cost   $53.00/cy
  3000 PSI  Unit Cost   $56.00/cy
  4000 PSI Unit Cost $58.00/cy

 03500 Reinforcing Rebar     Wire Mesh 6 x 6 x 6/10      6 x 12 x 0/1

03600 Precast Wall Panels

6" Thick Panels     8’-0" wide x 25’-0" +/1 $6.00/sf


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04000 Masonry Concrete Block Face Brick Range 250/m to 350/m

04100 Dampproofing Product $1.00/sf


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05000 Structural Steel

05100 Bar Joist

05200 Metal Decking $1.00/sf


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 06200 Rough Carpentry

06400 Millwork

06425 Wood Doors


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07100 Built Up Roofing

07500 Caulking /Sealants


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08000 Glass / Glazing

08500 Overhead Doors


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09000 Drywall

09200 Acoustical Ceiling

09400 Ceramic / Quarry

09400 Resilient / Carpet

09600 Painting


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11000 Specialties


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13000 Metal Building

13100 Metal Building - Insulation


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14000 Elevator


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15100 Plumbing

15150 Sprinkler

15250 HVAC


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16000 Electrical