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The Carpenter's function at F. H. MYERS CONSTRUCTION CORP. is to perform all job related assignments as assigned by the Job Superintendent. This position is important to our firm and the fulfillment of the duties and responsibilities contribute to the overall success of the company.


The purpose of this standard procedure is to define the job description of the Carpenter through the outline of his duties an responsibilities.


The Carpenter derives authority from the Job Superintendent and is granted full authority to carry out the duties set forth in this job description.


The Carpenter is directly responsible to the Job Superintendent for the proper discharge of his duties.


1. Interpretation of plans and specification.

2. To layout foundation, building lines, & anchor bolts.

3. Shoot elevations and grades.

4. Erect forms, monitor pour regarding depressed areas, building lines, anchor bolts, etc.

5. Wood framing.

6. Metal stud framing.

7. Hollow metal doors and frame installation.

8. Hang wood doors and install hardware.

9. Install millwork trim and cabinets.

10. Install toilet partitions.

11. To receive materials and off load in a safe and proficient fashion.

12. To assist and guide others to improve their skills and complete tasks in an expedient manner.

13. Prepare to perform job related assignments at designated start time.

14. To perform daily tasks in a safe and workman like manner in accordance with company policies.

15. Responsible to secure and maintain basic tools to perform his tasks. Attached is the minimum tool list required for all Carpenters.

The above outline of duties is not arranged in order of priority. These duties are not meant to restrict initiative, but rather to describe minimum activities. Those duties will from time to time be altered by the Job Superintendent to suit the needs of the company.


This standard procedure for the job description of carpenter will become part of the company policy upon the approval of the Job Superintendent and remain in effect until superseded or canceled by the same authority.

Carpenter Tool List

Minimum Tool List for Carpenter:

1. Nail Bag

2. Hammers

   A. Framing

   B. Trimming

3. 25 foot tape measure

4. Utility knives

5. Chisel assortment

6. 4 foot level

7. Framing square

8. Screw driver assortment

9. Nail set

10. Block plain

11. Chalk line

12. Hand saw

13. Pliers

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