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The Controller's primary function for F. H. MYERS CONSTRUCTION CORP. is one of the most important functions in the operations of the company.

Through the efforts of the Controller , all accounting procedures and functions are managed. The Controller has responsibility for all financial records, payroll , banking and daily operation of the accounting department.


The purpose of this standard procedure is to define the job description of the Controller through the outline of her duties, authority, and responsibilities.


The Controller derives authority from the President and is granted full authority to carry out the duties set forth in the job description.


The Controller is directly responsible to the President for the proper discharge of her duties.


The Controller's principal duties are to perform all required accounting functions of the company in a timely and accurate manner Provide reports and schedules to the company's CPA Firm in the preparation of all financial statements. In order to perform these principal duties the following must be properly fulfilled:

1. Have a complete and thorough knowledge of all accounting

functions and procedures.

2. Must have thorough knowledge of the Construction Integrated Job Cost and General Ledger Software Accounting Systems of the company. Proficient with other computer software systems for the preparation of reports, spreadsheets and other accounting analysis that may be required by management.

3. Accurately and timely prepare weekly field and office payrolls, making proper federal, state and 401K deposits into respective accounts.

4. Accumulate job cost data from weekly payroll reports, materials and subcontract billings in order to prepare weekly cost reports for each project.

5. Maintain all company operating, payroll, savings and investment banking accounts including deposits, disbursements and balancing.

6. Monitor daily cash balances in operating, savings and investment bank accounts to cover obligations and maximize interest earnings.

7. Prepare monthly cash projection reports.

8. Prepare bi-weekly trial balance reports.

9. In conjunction with Project Manager prepare and post all monthly AIA invoices.

10. On quarterly basis complete federal and state payroll tax returns and necessary deposits to our bank.

11. Process and issue all accounts payable and subcontractors payments.

12. Accrue, prepare and remit appropriate sales taxes due to various parishes monthly and to the State of Louisiana quarterly.

13. Generate monthly recaps for Workers Compensation and General Liability insurance premiums.

14. Generate monthly Aged Trial Balance spreadsheet, 401K recap and Builders Risk Insurance.

15. Maintain employees Personnel files including all tax forms, Insurance Records, 401K records, Flexteria Application, Employment and Drug Test Records.

16. Assist and review with management employees Health Insurance, 401K and Flexteria Plan Questions.

17. Perform fiscal year end accounting close outs with CPA.

18. Process employee year end W2's and 1099 Forms distributing to employee/payee and appropriate Federal and State Agencies.

19. To verify subcontractors and vendors meet all requirements of contract agreement prior to any payments.

20. To maintain all accounting files and records on each project.

21. To interface with Project Manager and Superintendent to accurately charge & code invoices to proper Job Cost and General Ledger.

22. Have thorough knowledge of Procedures Manual.

The above outline of duties is not arranged in order of priority. These duties are not meant to restrict initiative, but rather to describe minimum activities. Those duties will from time to time be altered by the President to suit the needs of the company.


This standard procedure for the job description of the Controller will become part of the company policy, upon the approval of the President and remain in effect until superseded or canceled by the same authority.

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