A strong commitment to the safety of every employee...
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Fred H. Myers It is with great pride that we welcome you to our company website. We hope that your visit will be informative. We illustrate with pride our success, as well as convey our corporate culture created since July 14, 1987. Yes, on Bastille Day, a group of dedicated professionals with common values created F. H. Myers Construction Corp.
T ogether we strive to
E fficiently provide our clients with
A   high quality product while
M aintaining a safe jobsite.
W orking to achieve our
O bjective in a timely manner with
R espect for our co-workers and
K nowledge of our trade.
During one of the toughest economic periods in construction history, this talented group knew the ingredient to success. After 20 years of commercial construction experience with major contractors across the United States and finally, back home to New Orleans, the foundation of proven professional management traits were ready for this new enterprise. The company philosophy was simple, "To professionally manage each project while maintaining honesty and integrity in all our dealings with clients".
Over the years our company has grown, while never losing sight of our motto "Quality and Integrity by Professionals". Our relationship with our clients is paramount in all of our actions. We embrace our clients, public entities, governmental and the private Owners in the same style. We create a teamwork atmosphere and together with architects, designers and engineers focus on our clients specific project goals and objectives. Our management tools are common to all projects. This develops a standardized delivery system for all project managers, superintendents and administrative assistants. We welcome the opportunity to further discuss these techniques with you and create a partnership for future endeavors in our region.
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