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Office Ph. 225.751.3456

E-mail : Dez@3CDF.com

Deserai "Dez" Lawson

Account Executive

Dez primarily represents 3rd Coast Digital across Southeast Louisiana and the Gulf South, from Dallas to Atlanta and north to Memphis.

The principle products are
  • Safety and Training Films
  • Film Sales Brochures
  • Trade Show Films
  • Internet Films
  • Web Sales Brochures (sales and marketing sites)
  • Print items including billboards and trade show display items.

She is interested in doing business with people that want to make money and improve the image of their company, get the message out and grow business.

She is an experienced saleswoman who is dedicated to helping clients reach their goals through media produced by 3rd Coast Digital Films.

She has extensive educational experience as a teacher in the East Baton Rouge Parish Schools. She was with the Detroit Public School system for several years.

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How Customers Use 3rd Coast Digital Film Brochures

1. One-on-one

2. On laptop computer presentations

3. In group presentations within your PowerPoint (and video projector)

4. Left with prospects after sales call to reach people not in meeting

5. As a mail out to prospective customers

6. At Trade Shows

7. As a pre-call introduction

8. Given or left for people that refuse to see the salesman (they will watch the film as a bargaining chip to avoid the first sales call)

9. To answer questions after meeting - by replay of film

10. One-on-one in phone calls - they can watch the film on the interent while you stay on phone with them. (With your photo on personal sales page as introduciton - when you cannot go in person.)

Benefits to You
  • Reduces number of sales calls needed to start serious talks (from 3 to 1)
  • Reduces time of sales calls by 20-30 minutes
  • Multiplies effectiveness of sales force
  • You can see what the customer is truly interested in when you watch them watch the film.
  • Standardizes your presentation - makes sure same message is told to every client (and the film never has a "bad day".
  • Brings your top executives to every sales meeting (on film)
  • Shows inside attitude of your company
  • Shifts topic of meeting from "Can You Do It" to "What You can do for Client".
  • Makes you look like you are capable of handling any size job.
  • Improves employee morale
  • Focuses customer's attention
  • Illustrates you are a high tech company in all things
  • Provides rapid bonding and rapport to distant customers
  • Allows you to focus both commercial and industrial sales efforts with film specially for each separate market
  • Customers pass films on to their friends and prospects you do not know- a new referral system!

The film does not make money by itself - it helps great salesmen make more money.