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Commerce Title is our latest film web/disk brochure.

This website is part of a package that included the film brochure, conversion to DVD and CD-ROM, conversion to an internet version, produciton of the website and placement of the film on the web.

We also created a sophisticated interface so the client could digitize its closing papers for their clients (they are a real-estate title company) and in conjunction with Automated FIling Systems, provide paperless documents on CD-ROM.

We also designed the individual CD-ROM covers for the fifteen unique disks delivered to clients of Commerce Title. ( 3 for each branch location ).
Click a link on the Commerce Title Page below to go to their brochure.
These CD-ROM labels are representative of the final CD our clients distribute to their customers and prospects. Touch the one you wish to see with your pointer and the entire label will appear.

Click, and you go to the sample we have prepared for you.
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Runnels School Disk Epic Group Disk Southern Green Soil Reliever Disk Bachman's Inc Video
WE DELIVER YOUR FINAL VIDEO ON VHS, DVD, CD-ROM, as an INTERNET WEB FILE, and on mini-DV tape for your archive.

We create everything for you - even the disk label (see below) and the software needed for the presentation to start flawlessly in your clients' computers.

Creation of a custom disk video for you is going to take about 8 hours of your time - that's all. Why? Because we know what we are doing.

You own the final product - and you may make as many copies as you like and distribute it at your will.

Each of the other sites accesible from here contains pictures from their corporate videos.

Here is a customer example. Not only did they get the video brochure for use on disk and internet, but we packaged the presentation properly with an attractive label.

For an extra cost, we developed a pocket folder for Hays Service, so they could
deliver their CD-ROM video in a professional package.

This trade show poster shows our 3-d version of the Hays corporate logo.