What difference does a web brochure make? Here is a comparison of the old look with the new look from 3rd Coast...Just from these two splash pages, what is your impression of Star?
WEB BROCHURES by 3rd Coast Digital
The old look.   The new look.
The old look.   The new look.
When the mouse pointer is run over the new page, all locations disappear except the one branch responsible for the area the mouse pointer is touching. That directs the client to the appropriate branch office.

Click on the image on the right to go to the acutal star page. Hit "back" on your browser to return here...
Here is the Star Menu Page.

Note the bottom of the Star Brochure Menu Page - all of the owners, service reps and sales force have their initials on it - one click and you are at their picture and contact info. This is ideal for aiding in introductions to clients over the phone.
Notice how we made a 3-D logo from the original Hays logo.
Original Hays logo provided to us.

Before and after logo pics.

Our version of Hays logo for video, web.

We give you that professional home-grown look, specific to your region.

East Coast Version.

West Coast Version.

Great Lakes Version

3rd Coast not doing your video? We can still help you. Conversion of any pre-existing video to Internet Real Player video is 500.00 with upload and placement on your current site included - or free with site package