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I am back after an 18 month hiatus. I quit just before the WTC murders, and when I was about to start up again, my Father passed away.

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Here you will find some links to various film enterprises, movie houses magazines, associations, reviewers and films.

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Smash Regis!
"I Ran Picturing Kim Il Jong In Mind" -
How to really do government TV!

The West Wing

Stupid tidbits that bear comment.

When in New Orleans East - enjoy the Plaza Movies 5 Theater!

The only theater between Downtown New Orleans and Slidell!

Baton Rouge Theaters

Just more cutesy symbologisms.
Start watching.

Support The Runnels School Raiders!

Odds are you love both or hate both Babylon 5 and South Park. My only comment is: Either way you will enjoy

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Coming Attractions updated 5/15/00

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It is over. The 1998-1999 TVseason, I mean.