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Ted Baldwin Dwayne Dupre’ Jody Sims
Creative Director, CEO
  • Master of Science degree in Chemistry, LSU, 1982, Minor in Education. >
  • B.S. degree in Chemistry, with minors in English, Psychology, Speech/Communication, Physics, and Math.
  • ACS Certified Chemist.
  • More than 1800 television productions
  • Hundreds of radio productions
  • Two feature films
  • Two short films
  • Hundreds of published reviews and articles.
  • Publishes own InterNet columns "Down In Front" and "Tribe America"
  • Expert AVID editor
  • Expert animator
  • Expert graphics illustrator
  • Written, developed and narrated thousands of productions.
  • Extensive 3-D animation experience
  • International reputation for quality
  • 30 years of professional media experience
  • 8 years Brodcast radio and management.
  • Beta Tester for NewTek experimental Non-linear Editing Station
Director of Production Services, Pres.
  • Associate Degree in Music and Video Engineering/Business, Art Institute of Houston.
  • Expert news and location photographer.
  • Expert AVID editor,
  • Expert graphics compositor and designer.
  • Extensive audio experience and engineering capabilities.
  • PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Chief photographer, broadcast news for HTV in Houma, LA.
  • Shot and directed hundreds of 30 minuite TV programs for broadcast.
  • Director of Newscasts
  • Chief Audio Engineer, Atch Records and Productions, Houston, TX.
Production/Sales Associate
  • 4 years Bachelor of Arts Program Louisiana State University
  • Location photographer
  • Video editing
  • Expert graphics designer, painter and sculptor
  • Extensive art and design experience
  • Band Leader, "Hansel and Jekyll".
  • Studio Musician
  • Owner 40Kreations Internet Company 40Kreations.com
  • Sales experience in commercial retail
  • Dish Network Customer Service representative
  • Residential Services Sales
  • National Booking Account Representative for Hit City Records
  • Maintenance Supervisor for mainline denominational church
  • Production Assistant for Industrial Words and Images, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Publiuc Relations and General Assistant duties for Broadmoor Theater, Baton Rouge, LA.