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Amusing, isn't it?
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ATLANTIS (Disney)" It is

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Just ok film has little to recommend it, except as a way to get rid of the kids for 90 minutes or so.
 For a Disney animated feature film, Zzzzzzzzzzzz.
     This animated adventure is not as exciting as Saturday Morning (Rev It Up! Los Luchadores!) and that is a crime.
It packs some big names, including James Garner as a military man, but it fizzles out.

I liked it okay, but that is the problem. From Disney, I should have LOVED it.

The characters are weak, cliched and on top of that , there are no surprises, except for the apparent STRAIN incurred making sure that every possible race and ethnic strata was covered. They were not standouts, and the story, as fantastic as it might seem, needed standouts.

The animation is also retro to the easy does it school of the Fifties. I did not like the frenetic exaggerated cartoons of the Disney Educational Series. It looks thin, and cheap, and too cartoony. I can see cheap cartoons on TV any day of the week, and this looks no better. The Lion King and Tarzan were wonderful - what on Earth possessed them to abandon that style? (budget? C'mon, LK and Tarzn did hundreds of millions each. What were they hoping to save on - freeing up accountants who otherwise would have to be paid to count all the money coming in? Good downsizing move...)

Apparently since the chief songwriter of the animated films passed away prematurely, they have not had the good fortune to find anyone with their finger on the pulse of Middle America - or they just will not take a chance on anyone.

Atlantis is strangling on the vine, for which you can fault the exec who said - don't go too overboard - think small, tone it down, and no music, people are tired of songs in their Disney films.

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