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Amusing, isn't it?

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A smartly done, relentlessly dark excursion into a hero with crossed visions...
 Not for kids, with tons of wrenching violence and things only adults could find funny. Very watchable.
     Listening to various critics grouse about this film, Affleck and all, I wonder if we saw the same flick...

     DareDevil is pure comic book stuff, but the producers take it deeper than costumes and bad guys - the hero is layered and a little off. He is sulky, and brooding - like and Angel without the demon drag to go along with it. On second thought, the drag is there - in a maroon red leatherized costume.

    The special effects are pretty good, with lots of sonar stuff you don't se in any of the trailers. Nothing deep here folks, just something to see.

Whatever bad crap people are saying about this - blow them off and enjoy the pretty scenery.

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