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Amusing, isn't it?
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Watchable, but inept.
     For a story written by Stallone and directed by action specialist Renny Harlin, this piece has such little to recommend it that I won't. Well, almost won't.

     In fact, the story is ancient, the characters are paper thin, the conflict is laughable, and the competition pointless. It is soaked through with cliches, and every opportunity to make a cruel point about the real world is thrown away with bleeding heart sympathy.

     Right in the middle of the film, the self destructive Young Turk steals a prototype 1000HP car, and races out of the launch party. Stallone, seasoned veteran who threw it all away once (of course) RACES AFTER HIM IN THE PROTOTYPE'S TWIN.

     Did I mention they are in downtown CHICAGO????

     I must admit, after that crackpot incident about 1:30 into the flick, I actually started to like the film. I don't know why, really. Maybe I just crashed after a long day.

     I enjoyed some of the racing, and the effects were nice (I use the same software they used to make the 3-D cars and explosions, and it is SWEEEEEEEET.) So I enjoyed it.

     See this at your own risk. You might like it a little too.

Cliche's of the Grand Prix Circuit
     This is an exercise to see how many cliche's I can remember from the film, which I saw a week ago.

1. Young driver who won't listen
2. Older driver who won't listen, but was great anyway
3. Drivers from different nations (forced diversity)
4. German/Nordic bad guy with high squeaky voice
5. Girlfriend who changes men like tires.

6. Evil/tough racecar manager

7. Brother/career manager who does not listen to young Turk.

8. Car wreck part flying in slow motion (actually pretty good)

9. Camera shots of race crowds

10. Race Announcers

11. Injured racer high fiving girlfriend at end (in hospital bed)

12. Young Turk quitting

13. Evil girlfriend fighting with ex husband's new girlfriend
14. Burt Reynolds (not too bad)

15. Sly Stallone (not too bad)

16. Calling old guard back into action

17. People quitting. (The way they did it)
18. People getting fired.

19. Champagne victory.

There is more, but as I said, I started to like it a little after about 90 minutes. Sigh. With all of the talent piled on this, how could it be so dull? At least it is not as bad as Pushing Tin

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