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By Ted Baldwin

Galaxy Quest


Saw it Christmas, then last week. I liked it the second time, too. Took some friends.
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FIVE POSSIBLE (for what it is)
     This is so satisfying on many levels and so undeserving of serious commentary that I am hard pressed to comment, but that it should be required viewing for anyone that loves or hates tv, or anyone that loves or hates Star Trek, or anyone else.

     Tim Allen is a Shatner wannabe in a doomed TV series - actually canceled in the middle of a two-parter! - relegated to a half-life in Sci-Fi conventions 20 years later. Having done nothing of significance, he leads his rag-tag ex-crewmembers to store openings and bar-mitzvahs. It is a rose colored world for the Commander , but a miserable one for anyone with an ounce of introspection.
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     What happens with the crew after they meet the real-life aliens is the point though - how a sad troupe of starry-eyed losers finds itself becoming an eagle-eyed starship troop loose on the Galaxy Quest to end all.

     Tony Shalhoub is gaspingly funny as the lackadaisical unflusterable take-it-all-in-stride-engineer. Sigourney Weaver recites the computer lines perfectly, and dammit does her job, while Alan Rickman, the quintessentially frustrated thespian, actually rises above his hammy self to sincerity delivering his one line. Daryl Mitchell, Sam Rockwell, and newcomer Justin Long all portray perfectly the tenor of characters caught in the never-ending adventure. Enrico Colantoni as the head alien (Elliott on Just Shoot Me) is as unrecognizable as Weaver, and now that I know that's who it is (I try not to over-research films before I see them) I am awestruck by his simplicity. Too good.

     While some might regard this as a trifling spoof on Star Trek, which it hits with both red and blue lasers, GQ is really about never surrendering, and never giving up. It is about the human spirit, and the indomitable will of Man trying to make a difference.
The official website SUCKS! but it has some good information and nice pictures. Amusing, isn't it?

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