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It is Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Childish, amateurish, do nothings.
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Homeless Potties.

The only thing about this is…nothing. It fails as an exploitation film, fails as an adventure, fails as character study, fails as enlightenment. It lacks the energy of even the tiniest gay disco, and the tension is so thin I actually reached for the fast forward. The theater did not have a remote, though. It is a non-warp, low-brow, teen angst, phony karma, drug-laden, smoke blurred excuse for a film, with no appealing characters, psuedo-sexual fantasizing, smarmy heroes and nearly complete predictability. It is not edgy or hip, reeks of cliches and sucks in general. It is loads better than First Knight.

On the side of the filmmakers, though, they apparently took a small amount of money and turned it around into something that passes for film, if it indeed otherwise unrelated to it. And it is well edited for what they had to work with.

The music, which I like ramped up to energetic frenzy level, never quite takes hold of the film, and really left me wanting to go out to a party somewhere to hear a real mix. And the music needed to be the base of the film. Without a fundamental understanding of how the scene works, it shouldn't be made the underpinning of the action.

The dj's themselves are represented as this mystical bunch that appear from nowhere and faultlessly fill their spots. Sorry - they are just not that interesting. Perhaps they used real dj's for the "experience" - but they should have used actors. And how nice it would have been to go behind the scene. Explode some of the myths.

The situations are childish, as the stars of the flick expand their minds - in reality just ghb-ing, toking, drinking, etc., to really "appreciate" the groove. But the grooviness is not explored to any extent. And hearing a guy who is screwed up for the first time invite a dozen strangers to breakfast is so pathetic it is not worth any more of my time. The film could have ended on its phony love-fest huggy wuggy note by at least showing all of the people showing up for breakfast! Kind of a fin-de-seicle way to go.

A guy gets wastoid, plays suck-face with another guy, and his girlfriend catches them. Boo hoo. Two guys trying to celebrate an anniversary try to find the party in a driving gag. Zzzzzzzzz. The party boss is looking for acceptance, as his raison-de-rave. Uh-huh. Oh yeah.

Real raves are not especially nice love-in feel-good affairs. They are big business. And they can have serious consequences. But this film is not about seriousness, or exploring human growth as a result of making mistakes. It is about "Oh, I'm not really queer, thank God, here, let me do my girlfriend to prove it, and no I don't want your phone number Mr. Kissy guy cause I am not I can't even say it uhmmmmmm that way." And "Oh. I am so screwed up! Ha ha ha. Ha Ha. Hahahah. Ha."

Thirty years ago Peter Fonda starred in an exploitation film called "The Trip", about a guy that is given a tab of LSD at a party - unbeknownst to him. The trailers for that are still vivid in my mind. I thought I was really going to see something. It was alright, but kinda dry for my expectations. Nice to know I have not changed all that much. I thought maybe I was going to see something here.

Groove is thrust out there as some kind of do-goody Robin-Hoody power tracks to the people kind of altruistic sensoramabiliamatical thing. It is just a bunch of twenty nothings stealing space for a night to further their dependence on people, places, and things.

N.A. anyone?

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