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Mission Impossible II "

It is Intriguing.

Five possible. Sure. Why not. Icons are cheap, and there is nothing wrong with having a good time at the movies...
]I found myself spending way too much time creating cute, appropriate little icons for the pages - two to three hours to get one just right sometimes. This seriously cuts back on my writing time, for some gratuitous arting around. So I am going to cool it for a while and just use the same icon over and over..

Unleashed!!! Director John Woo takes us into an alternate universe so effortlessly I think he deserves some kind of a special award.

This is far far better than MI1. It is probably the best spy franchise outside of the newly and properly revitalized Bond series, and it is nipping at Bond's heels soley for the lack of cinematic exposure to date.

Able hardbodied Tom Cruise is dishing up high tech action, and it all works. Much more fun than the first, noble Cruise is starting to get the hang of it. Woo cannot resist baser impulses however, and the film fares better for it.

The end is little more than a twenty minute motorcycle ballet with gravity-defying leaps and logic defying antics that make it into something otherworldly and just plain fun.

The moment I fell in love with MI2 was when the bad guy and the good guy VAULT at each other with the motorcycles, flying through the air, launching themselves at one another and crunching in mid air. Too good. Bullet Ballet has never looked this good.

And about the plot? Well, Mr. Phelps, this isn't Mission Difficult, it's Mission Impossible!!! Great line, Anthony Hopkins drolly delivering as always. El Perfecto - like the Zorro romp.

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