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Big Momma's House

Reviewed: 6/10/00

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Five possible. Just for what it is, believe me.
This is a funny, outrageous, stupid, farce of a film that had a full house in a big theater on an ordinary Monday night at 7 pm. Everybody laughed their asses off - young, old, black, white - made no difference.

I was so badly in need of a laugh, I thanked God trough my tears for sending me there, just to see the rest of the people having a great time.
     Martin Lawrence has his moments. And Big Momma's house, as improbable as it seems, is a family film that anybody can enjoy.

     The plot is minimal, the gags ridiculous, and you never for a minute believe that he is a huge, enormously huge momma. But Lawrence tries so hard, and is so outraged by the things people try to put off on what they think is the real momma, it all works somehow.

     Enter the ten-second transformation of Martin to Momma, as only a movie can do. A real makeup job would take hours and hours to make it believable, of course, but really, who cares. It is funny that they don't catch on.

     The bad guy is dispatched, and there is a day of reckoning, blah, blah, blah. It doesn't make any difference. You are not going to this to see plot, you're going to see a huge huge woman do things like play basketball and set herself on fire and patch herself up with duct tape. And lots, lots more. Take a kid.
Amusing, isn't it?

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