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Que pasa?

Editorial     4/22/00    

God help the United States of America.

Photo by Marc Serota. Reuters

I am watching Fox News as I write this. I've been watching for 3 hours, it is 7:30 AM.

     Watching the spectacle of Elian Gonzales being ripped from the home of his relatives at gunpoint made me sick for my country. I am ashamed, so ashamed.

     If you have not seen it yet, huge Federal Agents, about 20 of them, in full riot gear, with assault weapons, stormed into the home of the relatives at 4 in the morning.

An ambush.      While the family attorneys were in the home talking on the phone with Reno's negotiator for a peaceful resolution to this affair!       Betrayal.

     You will see the video pictures over and over.

     The black uniforms, ski masks, helmets, shotguns, breaking in, tear gassing the house, the flight to the car, SUV's moving out, Elian clinging to a female officer, screaming in his underwear, ushered into the waiting van. It only took three minutes.

THe Attorney General sends Easter Greetings to little Elian.     And a still picture from inside the house at the moment that Elian was grabbed from the arms of the fisherman that found him - Elian in terror as a large gun is pointed at him and Donato Dalrymple. A single shot that will probably make photo of the century - Elian full face, terrorized.

     Dalrymple was begging them to let him carry Elian to the car. They grabbed Elian, put a blanket over his head, and pulled him from the house.


Elian crying "Help me somebody! Don't let them take me!"

     This is how Bill Clinton and Janet Reno treat little six year old boys.

     The Mayor of Miami said there was no reason to make this a show of force, that the relatives would have handed Elian over peaceably, in the best interests of Elian.

But Clinton had every reason to make this a show of force. The King was displeased, and did not like it when people - little people - defy him.

     These cowards did not have the guts to send in people in daylight because they were afraid of the unarmed people conducting prayer vigils outside the home. They wanted to avoid a big confrontation - especially the possibility of losing an attempt to get Elian. They wanted to make their job easier.

     And the Clintons? They wanted to make a point. Stand in the way, get steamrolled.

     So what is all of this about?

     This is about the Clinton agenda, plain and simple. Whether it is about normalization of relations with Cuba or something else, it does not matter. Clinton/s is/are personally involved in someway. And they will throw the full force of government against whomever stands in their way. Don't ever forget it.

     And the fiction from the Clinton White House that the responsibility for this rests on Janet Reno must be seen through. Anyone remember that Juan Miguel's attorney is Greg Craig, Clinton's impeachment attorney?

     And Clinton being "kept up" on the situation by Reno as though he is a bystander? And that he supports Reno's decisions? He supports Reno doing exactly as she is told. Reno does not wipe without permission from the Clintons.

     Another fiction is that this is about the Father's rights. In Cuba, he has no rights. When Elian is taken back to Cuba (I don't believe the Clintons went to all this trouble to allow the courts to keep Elian here), he will be a ward of the state. Now that he has seen life in the US, he cannot be permitted to remain with other children, at least in his present mental state. That is the customary treatment of people that have seen something better than what a Communist government can provide. They are isolated until the threat of them causing unrest is resolved in one way or another.
     Now Reno is live on TV, talking about the "rule of law". And that her efforts were to "reunite" the family. And the family left her no other option than the "enforcement action". How delicate. Storm troopers is more appropriate. And this "person" now says that "Elian needs 'quiet time' ". If the hypocrisy of that does not slap you in the face, I will be happy to do it for you.

     She is talking about the father anxiously awaiting for his son. She also talks about "healing wounds". And helping "the little boy heal". From you Reno. From you and the Clintons.

    And Reno says she said "Yes, we can continue to negotiate". And she had already given the order to break in. The family was negotiating in good faith. Clearly Reno did not intend to negotiate. Reno's "out" is that she had "already said that time had run out", so what can they expect, right?

     Reno explains the gun on Elian this way. "If you look closely at the gun, you will see that it is pointed to the side. And you will see that the finger is not on the trigger." So that makes holding a full assault rifle on a six year old OK?

     The shadows from the gun make it clear it is pointed towards Donato and Elian. And how long would it take to move the finger to the firing position?
     Reno explained the weapons in this way. "We heard that there may have been guns in the house, and there may have been guns in the crowd." Well, I have heard there might be cheese on the moon.

     Some years ago, as an experiment, people staged robberies with bananas. The people swore there were guns. What did they expect Elian to see? A banana? This terrorized that child.

     And their response to charges that they stressed Elian? Well, they provided toys and PlayDough for him because they heard that squeezing PlayDough was the best way for a child to relieve stress.

This is exactly the type of crap that you can expect from people that do not care about people. Instead of knowing what is best for the kid, that is, being in loving arms and among friendly faces, allowing family to accompany him to Washington, they have to think about what palative to give the kid to shut him up. Medication is next.

There are not words to express the contempt I feel for Reno and her masters.

     And the thought remains with me of Elian's Mother giving her life in an attempt to reach freedom with her son.

     For this?

     And at the scene, the aftermath of the Federal grab.

     Inside the house - the home - a mess. Tables, lamps overturned, pictures off the wall. Statues overturned. Sanctity destroyed.

     Pictures, statues of what?

     Pictures of religious significance, Jesus, a Madonna and child, a statue of Mary, and a picture of Elian.

     A very religious Catholic family. Their door broken down, armed intruders grabbing a six year old. Running away into the night.

     And this at Easter.

     Elian was heard to say "Que pasa? Que pasa? as he was being pulled from those he loves.

     That is the question.

     Que pasa?
     Que pasa?

     We have to do what is necessary as humans, as loving caring people, to make sure this sort of thing can never be done again.

     God help us do that.
 In "Gulag Archipelago II", Alexander Solzhenitsen comments sarcastically on his country's arrest, imprisonment and murder of little kids that "No country can say it has loved its children as we have loved ours." We are closing the gap.
Post Script: 2 AM Easter Morning. And now, if you examine the pictures of smiling Elian with his father, his hair seems to have grown in the 3 hours it took to get him to Washington. (TheDrudge Report noticed this.)

And why aren't Elian's eyes puffy at least a little from crying?

Even the possibility we could believe the smiling pictures are faked should tell us something...

Lastly, the Miami family members flew to Washington to see Elian for themselves. They and the Senator that accompanied them were denied entrance to the Air Force base.

No one I could trust has seen Elian. And that tells me a lot too.

If you want to get an idea of what the break in of the house in Miami was like, take a look at the opening sequences of "Brazil". It is Christmas, and the jackbooted thugs break in from all sides pointing full automatic weapons at innocent and unarmed people. They also present a bill for the cost of the interrogation.
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