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I Can Hardly Wait

Reviewed: Along the way.

     It's BIG! It's BAD! It's all I had...
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Updated 1/4/01 With a listing from IMDB of all releases in 2001, updated periodically
Drama, serious stuff SCI-FI, Horror, Animated, Etc. Comedy

Spielberg took the reins of this film - Kubrick had been developing it for a decade and a half.

The trailer talks about an artificial boy - good or bad. If he goes the Jurassic Park route with it, and the boy becomes monstrous - I think it might K.A. bigtime. If he goes the E.T. cutesy way with it, it might need a disclaimer for diabetics.
We shall see when a real preview is offered.
Mummy II

Looks like revisionist history.

Expect to see me down in front the day this opens.
Looks like everybody is baaaaaaaaack.

Another ambitious 3-D dungeons and dragons type pic.

Take your kids.
Thirteen Days

Looks like more revisionist history. I lived through this crap, and it was nothing but sheer terror and getting the fallout shelters ready. If you missed all the excitement, check it out, but I doubt it will show you the impact it had on small-town America.

Dracula 2000

Wes Craven and Dracula? Sure why not. Filmed in New Orleans. Even if it is terrible, which it seems to be with now super cliche'd Matrix type wall walking, it is still a Dracula movie!
Double Take

Looks like a cross between Silver Streak and Trading places with a lot of soul thrown in out and about. Might be hilarious, maybe on a par with Martin Lawrence flicks for quality, with some explosions thrown in for good measure.

Super anti-corporate anti-big moneyman flick redevelops fear, paranoia and hysteria surrounding the capabilities of computers to influence our everyday lives.

Tim Robbins is the Bill Gates nemesistic character opposing cute little Ryan Phillippe.
Can Ryan save the world?
The Gift

Keanu Reeves with bad hair and a pickup truck menacing poor little Cate Blanchett who can see things, in her mind, turribul who kilt who.

ehhh. Can't tell what it will be like.
O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Sprawling period piece set in the depression. Have not a clue what it is a bout, but it is Joel and Ethan Cohen, and after Fargo, they can do almost anything they want.

And I like George Clooney.
Look for Louisiana star John McConnell as the manager of the Woolworth's store!
Pearl Harbor

Kick-ass remake - so far as the preview goes. I did not live through this - but my folks did. I plan to take my dad to see it, Memorial Day.
Astro boy

I think I saw this trailer.

That's the problem with a lot of stuff today, yesterday and tomorrow. Can't tell it apart, not that you'd need to.
Johnny Neutron

3-D cartoony epic.

Jetsons were more original; this looks like the current wave of animation - not that great stylistically - trying for a 60's retrofit.
When will they realize the 50's WB cartoons got it right?
Astro Boy
Blair Witch: The Sequel
Die Hard 4
Doc Savage
Final Fantasy: The Movie
Harry Potter
The Incredible Shrinking Man
Johnny Neutron: Boy Genius
Jurassic Park 3
Kings of Comedy

The Matrix 2
The Matrix 3
The Mummy 2
Ocean's 11
Pearl Harbor
Planet of the Apes
The Sea Wolf
The Sum of All Fears
Tomb Raider
The Travel Agent
True Lies 2
  Not an Oscar* winner among them, but boy oh boy!!!!!   I can hardly wait!!
*Real Oscars, not the technical ones the computers win for those overpaid cathode-ray chewing plasma display gawking mouse pad pawing attendants - I mean real Oscars, for acting and stuff like that. You know, the real work. Not sitting behind a keyboard for three years, agonizing over every single little detail, surfing the learning curve on ever more difficult and choice- laden software, struggling to make photorealism unnoticed, thinking up real world scenarios and making them more believable and interesting than the real thing. I am talking about HollyWoodLand here! Not stretching the limits of human endurance to create a spectacle the world has never seen and could never be witness to except through the efforts of geeks and nerds and ponytail hair guys married to their pathetic little microstations with only the little people out there in the dark to appreciate what they spend half their lives doing. I mean STAR POWER where someone has a grueling day waiting for makeup to be applied or acting their lines to empty air because the co-star is not in the shot, and there is no need for them to be on the set, because the trailer in the parking lot is expensive, waiting, and inviting. That is work! Fretting about the possible emergence of a wrinkle, the agony of not knowing whether Mr. K. Aucoin will be able to do the 4,000.00 paint job on their faces (HE is really good. Met him before he was famous, when he would talk about what he wanted to do and nobody really understood his talent.) Or whether the talent agent they have is evil enough, or whether paying 100 bucks for lunch is trendy enough for two slips of watercress and a tepid bottle of lukewarm pond water. You don't know what work is until you've had to sleep 'til noon to maximize your beauty and end up missing the tabloid photographers and trying to find just the right escort to be seen in public with at the opening of some art gallery with pictures of Madonna dripping with her own sweat. Whew. I am tired just writing about it.

I can hardly wait!
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22nd Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron (2001)
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25th Cinéma vérité (2001)
Charlotte Gray (2001)
(Los Angeles) (New York)
Beautiful Mind, A (2001)
White Jazz (2000)
Gangs of New York (2001)
     My dad started taking me to movies when I was two or three. (1955) I'd stand in the seat, and marvel at the stuff going on in front of me. Wasn't quite focused yet. I didn't know what previews were, and I sort of thought they were little movies - without making the connection between them and future events.

{short description of image}      I remember some of those today - Rodan, Forbidden Planet, The Mysterians, Tingler, and a blur of Cowboy and Indian images. I'd usually fall asleep before the movie started. After the newsreel, Cartoon, and Stooges.

     Now I scour the trailers for some glimpse of hope for cinema, finding it in the oddest places. I also have learned the feel of trailers that show everything with nothing left for the film.

     Sitting in the theater these last few weeks (no not the same one, but for the purposes of existence it might as well be one screen) I have been exposed to some memorable and not so memorable trailers (as they are known even though they now come before a film).

     Above are some of the recent ones that stuck in my mind- and it was either write this or play Free Cell. Anybody solve #3835?
More later...
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