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Amusing, isn't it?
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Red Planet "

It is Poorly written sci-fi.

Where has all of the imagination gone?
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Five possible.
It seems like they just wanted to do some sort of sci-fi movie.

The only villain is a malfunctioning army robot that is on site for no reason.

Took me a while, but this is sort of like the semi-fantasy film The Black Hole that Disney put out 20 years ago.

In sum total, I like the people in this better than in that stupid Mission To Mars debacle earlier this year, but God help me, what this could have been! And M2M at least gave some semblance of payoff.

This crap is only for sci-fi fans who need a fix and something to carp about.

Though I am sure it seemed pretty intimidating to the produciton crew, director and film executives, it has the same relative posture compared to what a sci-fi film should be as the social commentary of Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House" has to "American Beauty" (of which the former, though it is tame indeed by today's standards, is the superior film).

Get serious about sci-fi and it will pay big bucks.

Other than that, I liked it just fine.
Why aren'ts
Why aren't there
  1. More people on this mission.
  2. A multitude of probes and sensors on Mars
  3. Radios in their suits capable of reaching the orbiter
  4. Weapons on the crew
  5. Evidence of life crawling around - little tracks and such
  6. Explanations for why two crew members are at each other's throats
  7. Reasons for the total destruction of the habitat (little chewing things could not do that kind of damage)
  8. Any shots of ground control
  9. Real conflicts among the crew
  10. Shots of the falling crew member's body after the plunge
  11. Sensors to tell them what the O2 level is on the planet
  12. Geo-positioning satellites above mars
  13. The crew members killed immediately by the robot
  14. More of these intelligent robots dispatched to the surface of Mars instead of people
  15. The sexual tensions registered in the first days of the trip instead of 180 days out
  16. The crewmembers enlightened about sex as everyone seems to think we all will be in fifty years
  17. The crewmembers acting like professionals
  18. Crewmembers living in the present instead of flashing back to things they learned just a few days before and nodding in their clished filmic realization of the truth they just absorbed to make sure we get it too
  19. There already outposts on Mars
  20. There wars on Earth if things are so bad there
  21. Filmmakers learning a Goddamed thing about making science fiction film from the whole great history of the genre as in brief supported by Metropolis, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Forbidden Planet, 2001, Star Wars and Aliens?

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