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Amusing, isn't it?
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Scary Movie "

It is Too funny movie has never seen a stop - only the slow bits intended to parody equally slow bits in the target movies drag it down.

But there is no end to the horror - with a closet case, a she-male, a woman abuser, a doofus and more!
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Five possible.
I gave it five the first time i saw it, but it does not wear as well the second time around.
Forged from the skeletal remains of teen slasher flicks, this parody hits its victims right in the implant.

Some dead-on topical humor, but it is extremely referential - that is why it is a parody.

I'm sure it will be a staple of teen rentals, but I don't think for a moment it has the overarching sense of perspective that "YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN" has. The slasher genre is too new, too frivolous, and not in a "Demetrius and the Gladiators" way.

It is one for an age, but not for the ages.

And it is hilarious.

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