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Space Cowboys "

It is Sweet.
I found myself spending way too much time creating cute, appropriate little icons for the pages - two to three hours to get one just right sometimes. This seriously cuts back on my writing time, for some gratuitous arting around. So I am going to cool it for a while and just use the same icon over and over..
Five possible. Sure. Why not. Icons are cheap, and there is nothing wrong with having a good time at the movies...

This is such a sweet sentimental film about some aged flyboys and a decrepit spacecraft that you just want to give it a big hug.

Great performances by Donald Southerland, Tommy Lee Jones, James Garner and the real star, Clint Eastwood, make for an enjoyable family outing with only a little tension, not too much violence, and the correct amount of pathos. This is so much better than Mission to Mars it is funny!

And about the plot? Leave it be sufficient to the cause that Clint has a satisfying encounter with a six shooter, in a clever turn of events.

On the down side, there are huge plot holes, devices that don't work, and thin motive, which cost it only an icon.

Does not make one damn bit of difference.

This is a good flick, and I highly recommend it.

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Amusing, isn't it?