Part 1: Smash Regis!

A busy little opportunist has taken it upon himself to rescue us form the "vast wasteland" whose Ozymandius is Regis Philbin.

Part 2:"I Ran Picturing Leader Kim Jong Il In Mind"

Here's how to do Govenrnment controlled TV!
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By Ted Baldwin
written 3/28/00
7 or 8 PM Central, depending
It is so nice to know that there are selfless people out there who are looking out for us! Amusing, isn't it?
From evidence in a Reuters Business News article, (conveniently on your right) Adam Werbach, past president wunderkind of the Sierra Club, has apparently appointed himself the arbiter of what we should be watching and learning, and how we should spend our time.

God Bless His Interventionism!

Let's look at the possible motivations behind this "Smash Regis" campaign, which, though I am sure he did not start, he is all too happy to join in on. (I don't really know though, because all I know is what I read in the paper and see on TV, and this was not a question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.)

1. Werbach has his own production company, and a little-watched environmental program called "The Thin Green Line"

2. According to the article, with some interpretation, Werbach is an activist looking for a place to happen.

3. His company name, Act Now, is reflective of his progressive position.

4. He asserts that TV should be used for a specific purpose.

5.  500 other channels are not enough, he wants to be on ABC.

6. He is assuming that if he were on ABC, 195 million people would watch his show.

7. He wants the money being wasted on WWTBAM to be wasted in other ways. Excuse me. "Used" in other ways.

8. He thinks Regis represents "money, greed and lack of content". Does Werbach represent "poverty, selflessness, and the Fount of Wisdom?"

9. Because they LIKE WWTBAM more than The Thin Green Line, Werbach believes that Regis' success diminishes Werbach's access to the population. And since Werbach does not like WWTBAM, there must be something wrong with it, and us, assuming I watch WWTBAM.

10. Werbach's attitude, if one can assert from the title of his book, "Act Now, Apologise Later", seems to be attack now, and if later you are wrong, then give them a good, hearty, "Sorry about that Chief", with all the sincerity you can muster. Actually that won't be necessary, because even the appearance of environmentally unsound practices is cause for deserved action.

11. By smashing Regis, or at least abetting a popular (among elitists and others too good, refined, or otherwise too politically distanced to watch WWTBAM, as opposed to those that just don't like it) anti-Regis movement, Werbach will be capitalizing on the fame of Regis - using the success of that show and his supposed stand against it to garner publicity for his own {assumed:commercial} enterprise. One reflection of that is his spring speaking tour of college campuses. He won't be cheap. (Wait - it could be "non-profit" - but for an activist, the quest is not about cash it is about power.)

Any way you slice it, increased publicity and eventually greater success for his company will result in his having increased power and position - the very thing he is complaining about others having in WWTBAM.

Oh wait. Werbach produces content "approved" by people that agree with him; that what they are doing is vitally important. Well, so long as they are justified, I guess it is OK. I mean, I can trust them, right? I mean, they are good people and all, right? And they are just doing all this for our own good, right? And they get to decide what is important, right? Heck! Someone has to do it!

`It's like they've built the biggest megaphone in the world and nothing comes out of it,'' Werbach said. ``Here's the most powerful medium in our lifetime ... shouldn't we be using it for something important?'

We are, Mr. Werbach. We are using it to commune together in a game the entire family can enjoy, with a sharp and comedically self-effacing moderator that genuinely likes talking to above average people from all across this great country. With Regis, we don't have to worry about feeling stupid, or like we are lesser for not being activists ourselves (assuming that throughout the other 23 hours of our day we are not- actually 23 hours and 45 minutes because I usually time-compress WWTBAM by taping and fast forwarding- that way I get the cheap thrill of the game without all that neighborly communing stuff- unless of course the contestant is cute).

We just get to spend some time with each other, hoping for the best for some new friend staring at us out of the box and often getting it.

I am sorry you are not getting the attention you feel you deserve. But maybe you should make your programs more interesting to the 195 million people out there watching something else.

But there is a more important question in my mind for the day you seize control of that megaphone.

What message will you be sending then?   (click to see)
Excerpts from a Reuters News article- please visit their website for the full article.
 Feature-''Millionaire'' Backlash Hits Internet Andrew Quinn Reuters Business - March 27, 2000 SAN FRANCISCO, March 28 (Reuters) - As the youngest-ever president of the Sierra Club, America's most venerable environmental group, Adam Werbach took aim at politicians, corporations and consumers he felt were trashing the world we live in. Now that he has left the club, he has found a bigger enemy: Regis Philbin, the ubiquitous host of television's ``Who Wants to Be a Millionaire'' and ``Live! With Regis & Kathie Lee'' and, polls show, one of the most popular men in America. ``I read that Regis has now reached 195 million Americans. That's more than could articulate the names of the candidates for president,'' Werbach told Reuters in an interview. ``Regis represents everything that is wrong with media right now: money, greed and lack of content.'' So who wants to be a millionaire? Not Werbach, at least not on Regis' terms. Instead, he and his allies want to ``reclaim'' television and the Internet with programming that delivers more than the bucketfuls of dollars that shower ``Millionaire.'' ...Werbach has a spring speaking tour of college campuses lined up, ... 'ACT NOW, APOLOGISE LATER' In the funky warehouse office of his new company, Act Now Productions, Werbach resembles many other young would-be moguls who crowd San Francisco's hot ``multi-media gulch.'' But unlike those getting their first taste of the big time, he has been there before. In 1996, a scant four years ago, he became at the tender age of 23 the youngest person ever elected president of the Sierra Club, one of the most influential U.S. environmental advocacy groups with more than 600,000 members. Werbach is also the author of a book on activism, ``Act Now, Apologise Later,'' and was named by Rolling Stone magazine as one of America's most influential people under age 30. It was a heady few years. And when Werbach decided to leave the club to form Act Now Productions it looked like the perfect opportunity to combine his commitment to environmental activism with his generation's growing fascination with the media. Then along came Regis and -- in Werbach's mind, at least -- the success of the quiz show host prevented Americans from seeing a more serious form of television: The old argument that the bad drives out the good on TV. Act Now's main product thus far is a TV show called ``The Thin Green Line'' designed to bring environmental stories to the small screen. Werbach and his colleagues call it the ultimate in ``reality'' programming, portraying real people in real situations fighting to preserve everything from endangered coral reefs to the Louisiana Bayou. ENVIRONMENTAL TV A TOUGH SELL But that proved a tough sell to at least one established network. When a group from Act Now went to pitch their series to ABC, they were told the network had a very different idea of the ``reality'' demanded by U.S. television viewers -- ``Who Wants to Be a Millionaire'' and its genial host, Regis Philbin. ``It's interesting that that show passed the definition of reality,'' Werbach said. ``I thought it was a stupid idea and that nobody would watch it. You can see I was right.'' ...Werbach, on the other hand, is a bit depressed. While his own show has found a cable niche on the Outdoor Life Network, it has so far proved no match for Regis when it comes to penetrating the U.S. cultural consciousness. ``It's like they've built the biggest megaphone in the worldand nothing comes out of it,'' Werbach said. ``Here's the most powerful medium in our lifetime ... shouldn't we be using it for something important?'' Copyright 2000, Reuters News Service
Part 2: :"I Ran Picturing Leader Kim Jong Il In Mind"

 For the real deal on governmentally controlled tv, watch the North Korean Daily News. It is propaganda put out by the Koreans, and we are usually taking the brunt of the attacks. One recent article talked about a new movie.  
TV drama on Jong Song Ok produced Pyongyang, February 25 (KCNA) -- The TV drama "I Ran Picturing Leader Kim Jong Il In Mind" is now telecast in the DPRK. An artistic depiction of Jong Song Ok, a marathoner of the Amnokgang Sports Group, is combined with a documentary film on how she dreamt of becoming a marathoner in her childhood and how she trained herself to participate in the championships and how she ran in Sevilla.
She came first at the women's marathon race of the 7th World Track and Field Championships held in Spain last August, emerging as a world marathon queen. She was born into an ordinary worker's family in Korea. It was thanks to the loving care of Kim Jong Il that she became a world marathon queen and a praiseworthy daughter of the nation who exalted the dignity of the nation.

No wonder, she, upon winning the race, proudly declared that she ran the whole distance, picturing Kim Jong Il in mind. He highly praised the fighting spirit of Jong with which she exalted the honor of the nation.

Noting with great satisfaction that this was something unprecedented in the history of the nation and a great happy event for it, he showed great loving care which should be remembered by her family generation after generation. He presented to her a gold watch bearing the august name of the President Kim Il Sung as a citation and gave her a deluxe flat and car as gifts. The titles of the DPRK heroine and people's sportswoman were awarded to her. A variety of work to convey to posterity the feats of heroine Jong Song Ok is under way in Korea. Commemorative coins (gold and silver) and stamps depicting her were released and publications such as calendars and calendar card for the year 2000 and "Korean pictorial" carried her large picture. Posters depicting Jong breasting the tape is seen in every part of the street. Heroine Jong Song Ok is sweating profusely in training. Sometimes she even runs up 37 stories to reach her flat, declining to use a lift.    
Now that is TV with a message! 
 PS Let's talk elitism a moment. I spend twenty to thirty hours a week watching television, direct a television and film company's operations, listen to radio talk shows for fifteen to twenty hours per week, produce five completed minutes of television and film per week, on average (for the last twenty years) ,design and develop web sites, and 3-D animations, write and develop original screenplays (15 solid ones so far) and write these columns. My educational level is only an MS, but it is in Theoretical Physical Organic Chemistry. I was involved in Higher Education for twenty years. I don't see anything wrong with WWTBAM at all.

Moral of the story? There is plenty of room for everyone on the cablewaves, and if no one wants my content, that is my problem, not anyone else's.
  My spell checker says there should be a z in apologise, but the article says different. Program has an me on it in the article, so it could have been for English consumption....