HVAC Testimonial Interview Questions

by Ted Baldwin

How long have you known about ___________ ?

How long have you been with them as a client?

What has their reputation been with you or with the people who told you about them?

How big is your operation?

Why did you choose ___________ ?

What was your HVAC system like before ___________ ?

Has ___________ decreased your worries?

How long did it take from the time you signed with ___________ until the problems you had were gone?

What kind of responsibility has ___________ taken on?

What has working with them been like?

Does ___________ respond quickly when called?

What is their usual response time?

Have you had any HVAC problems since they started servicing your units?

What are the people like at ___________ ?

Have they personalized your service?

Do you know the technicians?

What do you expect from ___________ ?

Do you get what you expect?

(This is kind of inarticulate, but…)    Is ___________ "Good People?".

    Dwayne: What I am looking for here is  "It may not be proper englishCampbell:place>:City> is good people…"   (and I want the client to hold still after the comment  - for effect)

Would you recommend ___________ to anyone?

Other questions as determined from talking to the client: