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Many of our friends and customers were completely wiped out by Katrina, but we were spared. Due to the repair efforts by the phone/cable/interent provider, it may be some time before our phone service is transferred to our new location at 9131 Interline, but you may reach us through our business cell phones.
[ 225-413-6051 (Ted)      225-413-4952 (Dwayne) ]

If you are able to reach an answering machine on the 225-751-3456 land line, please leave a message. We will check it several times a day. We do not have fax service, so please e-mail any documents. The most reliable method to reach us for the next few weeks (starting September 1) will be via e-mail at this address: 3rd Coast Digital.

Aside from phone lines, we are now fully operational in our new facility. Thank you for your patience and consideration.

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