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When someone spends a lifetime building a business, measuring each job by the same yardstick, handling each customer with the same professional integrity, they want to be remembered for the good they have done. And when they put their name on it, it means quality.

Percy J Matherne was such a man, and the company with his name on it carries forward his reputation for Truth, Integrity, and Professionalism.

Percy J. Matherne started Matherne Contractors, and it was his vision to make sure everyone on a job took responsibility for the quality of its completion.

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Today, Don Matherne is president of
Percy J. Matherne Contractor, Incorporated.

With hands on supervision, everyone at Matherne is involved in the work, and in doing whatever it takes to make it on time and on budget.

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Projects  |  Founder's Page  |  Corporate Film  |  Profile  |  Location  |  Mission  |  Contacts  |  Menu