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The most outstanding features of Percy J. Matherne are the integrity of the business and the quality of the finished product. The economic impact of Matherne on the Baton Rouge region is measured in millions, providing jobs to the workforce, building to meet the needs of the expanding economy in the largest city in Louisiana.
  As you can see from the many photos on this site,
Matherne is dedicated to bringing the vision of the architects and owners to reality, with clean, strong detail.
Percy J. Matherne Contractor, Inc.,
delivers on what it promises.

Up front and honest, Matherne has excelled in jobs for
  • Louisiana State University
  • Southern University
  • The State of Louisiana
  • Private Corporations and
  • School Districts.
Phone (225) 356-4416                E-mail
Projects  |  Founder's Page  |  Corporate Film  |  Profile  |  Location  |  Mission  |  Contacts  |  Menu