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Matherne has been serving this area for 40 plus years, growing steadily and with determination to keep the customer as a long term asset. The people working in the company are deemed assets as well, and many have been with the company for their entire careers And they are seasoned in their craft.

This means you benefit from their expertise, and the knowledge that they know exactly what they are doing, that the same people that built the jobs you admire will be there for your project, making sure it is as perfect as possible.

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Percy J. Matherne is a one step corporate organization - whenever you need to talk to the supervisor in charge of your job, a Matherne employee is there to answer your questions and respond to your needs.

The biggest misperception people have about the construction industry is that contractors try to "rip you off".

Matherne is up front and honest.
Matherne offers unmatched quality, and their hands-on supervision is almost unique in today's construction market. To achieve their superior end product, everyone is actively involved in completing the project. It is not your ordinary committee-down organization.
We serve the State of Louisiana, Southern University, LSU, School Districts, Churches, Commercial and Industrial construction.
We excel in renovations, hospital construction and campus buildings.
The first thing Percy J. Matherne employees tell someone about their business is their

  • Total focus on quality, their
  • Emphasis on getting the job done right,
  • Utilizing whatever it takes to get it right.

Percy J. Matherne's plans for the future include steady, solid expansion, and a new outreach to the shattered regions of South Louisiana. Matherne is looking to the New Orleans area with plans to spearhead quality construction.

It's the personal attention they offer that keeps the clients coming back, and in the spirit of helping to make this region a success, they preferentially hire subcontractors from the South Louisiana region - doing their part to help replenish the Baton Rouge Economy.

Matherne is indispensable to the community because it keeps the work local, uses local vendors and sub contractors whenever possible, and has a deep commitment to replenish the Baton Rouge economy and keep the region strong. Its fifty person regular workforce handles interactions with subcontractors and vendors, making sure every affiliate has the same dedication to quality and safety.

The educational level needed for employment with Matherne is foremost, experience in the field, training in Carpenter's trade School, and safety training with OSHA. More than degrees or certificates, though, persons working with Percy L. Matherne Contractor's Inc, have to have a mindset of quality and concern for the client. No matter the skill level, the Matherne employee must be oriented towards a team effort and making quality job one.
It is a family business, named for its founder, and respect is a guiding principle of Matherne's. All of Matherne's constructors are osha trained in safety and have completed years of intensive training in building trade schools.
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